The clinical thermographer, thermographic camera and equipment will not make any physical contact with your body.

There will be no pain involved with your imaging and the thermography camera does not emit ANY radiation. 

In a private room, you will remove all jewelry and disrobe from the waist up, for both the Breast and Wellness Studies. If have scheduled a Full Body Screening, than you will need to remove all clothing, with the exception of your underwear. There is a standing privacy screen, between you and the thermographer, providing comfort and privacy for the duration of the imaging process.  

If your hair is long, you will need to keep your hair off your face and shoulders. You may bring your own hair clips, ties and headbands.  Or, we can provide them for you.

You will be given a gown or cape to wear. This allows your skin temperature to properly acclimate to the ambient room temperature, which is very important for the accuracy of the imaging. You will remove your gown and a few images will be taken do verify that your skin has acclimated to the room temperature. The imaging screening process will begin once your temperature has adjusted. The entire screening process can take between 15 and 45 minutes. 

Our thermographer will review your patient history and images before they are electronically submitted to our professional team at EMI, our medically staffed, electronic interpretation service. There, your images will be reviewed and interpreted by a medical doctor who will report their findings. 

Your final report will be generated along with you images and forwarded to you and your referring physician and/or practitioner.